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Hello, your new co-founder speaking. I've already fixed the gallery folders so you can post your works in the proper folders so I hope this is an improvement. That is all I can say for now, any problems please tell the admins immediately.

Well, I was searching through groups the other day and happened upon this one. I immediately wanted to join as a CoFounder- what and excellent idea for a group! :D- but I quickly realised that the last journal post was in 2010 and not much seemed to have happened since. So... I was hoping I could help make it all active and stuffs again! :heart:

I really hope writing this blog is okay- seeing as the option was given, I'll assume that it is... X'D

But, anywho, if anyone is still there, please message me and talk! I'd be happy to talk to other group admins, or if the have gone (I hope not) to talk to anybody with suggestions!

Lots of hugs,

*pokes head tentatively out from behind barricade*  Um...hi, guys...

Hey, I just wanted to apologize for being gone so long... *wince*  One word of explanation:  MIDTERMS.



I see there's been a good bit of confusion while I was gone over the gallery and submissions.  I have now attempted to fix that; hopefully it actually worked.  If not, does anyone know specifically what I should do to fix?  I went into the permissions area, and apparently some things are not allowed to be changed (they're sort of grayed out instead of black, you know, like you can't click on them...?)...

Anywho...I am back now, and planning on sticking around as much as possible...  I would be very happy if you refrained from killing me, though you have every right (*smacks self on head* Bad Madame le Fantome!  Bad!), since I still would very much like to know how I did on my midterms.  After that, you're free to attack.  (Be warned, though, I have a barricade, an Enjolras, and an Erik on my side, and I'm not afraid to use them!  :D )

Yeah...apologies again!  I'll try to get everything running back to normal soon!

~Mme. le Fantome

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